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A voyage of Self Discovery

Combining the healing power of cannabis and yoga to elevate your mind, body and spirit through our 420 yoga community



Reconnect with yourself

If you like cannabis, and you like yoga, you will love 420 Yoga. These ancient sister medicines work synergistically to provide a combination of deep relaxation, pain relief, creative inspiration, and spiritual insight.

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A new powerful elevated feeling of freedom

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Experience a new level of meditation

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Follow the vibe and let yourself be


Yoga for the soul

We are a global community driven by the power of Yoga and Cannabis, joining  together to engage your senses and elevate your consciousness; an experience that will both raise your vibration and ground your spirit.

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In ancient Vedic scriptures, ganja was considered a respected tool for spiritual transformation, a holy sacrament. It offers a modern approach to an ancient practice; elevating the experience of expanding your consciousness through movement.

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The Journey to Self Renewal

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